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    "I prefer color before neutrals because I think fashion should be fun and lift your style. A swedish designer who really stands out within colors and patterns is mMaxjenny. I'm fond of her design and I always get compliments when wearing something from her wich makes me very happy!"

    Martina Bonnier Editor-in-Cief, Brand Director, Fashion & Beauty influencer at Swedish Fashion Magazine, Damernas Värld & DV Mode
    "maxjenny!'s is for the modern self-confident and colorful woman. With a strong artistic expression, Maxjenny goes her own way. Her garment lights up and creates interesting conversations and meetings both on and off the catwalk."
    Maria Millqvist, owner SpoilConcept Communication
    In September 2017, the innovative and colorful print design opened its first exclusive pop-up store in Mood Stockholm. 

    The store was like Maxjenny herself, colorful, creative and outgoing, which suited Mood Stockholm very well. An extremely well-visited shop that, in addition to getting people into the mall, also allowed Stockholm’s red carpets to become more colorful with her protruding print designs.”
    “We at Mood Stockholm always strive to give our visitors something out of the ordinary. We would like to raise new players who were not previously established in Sweden, so it was extraordinary that Maxjenny chose to have her first pop-up store right with us.”
    “Thank you Maxjenny for a fabulous, colourful and frequented pop-up store at NK in Stockholm!”
    “We are very happy that it was possible to get to such a professional shop despite the time being very short. As you know, we have received many many positive comments and customers who also have asked for you since.”
    "You contributed truly with your beautiful clothes and professional treatment. We would like to welcome you back to a new department this fall, either as a new popup or if we can as a permanent solution in the long run.” 
    Frida Lampel, Business Developer, AB Nordiska Kompaniet 
    Bästa Maxjenny,
    Vill varmt tacka för den alldeles sagolikt vackra och välskräddade klänningen. Jag har varit på resa och har först nu på morgonen kunnat prova den och den sitter ju helt perfekt - likaså är längden exakt. 
    Och det vackra tyget! Och mönstret! Så roligt att nu kunna se alla detaljerna och upptäcka det som jag bara anade när jag tittade på hemsidan: att mönstret är komponerat av olika detaljer ur, som det synes mig, italienska målningar (och ett parti som påminner mig om begravningsön utanför Venedig). Det kunde helt enkelt inte bli bättre eftersom jag ju själv är konstnär. 
    Hur kunde det bli så att du har gjort en klänning som är som gjord precis för mig?! Det finns inte en enda liten detalj som jag skulle vilja ändra på. 
    Du är ett geni. 
    T a c k !
    Varmast / Maria 

    maxjenny! Instagram