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maxjenny! is a luxury clothing label based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Est. Spring 2017

"The secret is in the sauce"

All prints are designed and exceuted by Maxjenny. With digitalcamera, pencil and computer she developes the prints carefully. Together with high-end craftsmanship and an international sculptural silhouette, her namesake clothingline is designed for an international and contemporary demanding audience. 
Each garment demands handmade production with traditional techniques to retain a timeless expression of modern couture. The atypical yet luxurious and over-the-top stylish identity makes a maxjenny! creation hard to miss. Every design is like a piece of art.

”Working with a more artistic approach to fashion is a gift in my work, Forslund enthuses. It gives me new ways to explore my own design, fuel my creativity and gives me energy.

This colourful womenwear line offers feminine and artistic collections to a growing number of women worldwide; and sets the agenda by focusing on prints.

”Working with prints allows me to be very playful. I love how colours can leve an imprint. A print get you amazed. Colours are very faschinating and tells so many stories. For me, colours are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and can be mixed in infinite ways, infinite! - I love that”

Since her debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2017, maxjenny! is named as one of the most talked about brands to breath new life into the emerging Scandinavian fashion scene. Today, Forslund creates everyday wear from her combined boutique and studio in the hip area of Koedbyen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Fashion should be playful, which is why I strive to create bold collections of clothing and accessories with an artistic approach. My designs represent life at its best, translated into patterns and prints she says, explaining her design DNA.  Maxjenny Forslund

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